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You TV Player Download; The title is the only reason why you landed here but you’ll get more than your expectation. Let me ask only a few question. Are you tired or bored by using YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo or any traditional video streaming apps and websites? Stop listening to others and just install You TV Player on your Android device today. Explore it for few hours and come back to me, you’ll definitely thanks to me. Believe me; you’ll never think to uninstall You TV Player. If you’re are a PC user, you’ll definitely look to You TV Player for PC.

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You TV Player App

App Name- You TV Player

Functionality- Video Player, Online Video Platform

Supports- Android | Windows | Mac OS | iOS

Developer- RuloSoft

Version- 19.3.0 (2017)

YouTube is totally spammed and people are posting lots annoying content nowadays. More than a valuable content, you’ll watch lots of annoying advertisements. The same situation happened with DailyMotion and other video streaming platforms.


I think we should thankful to You TV Player developers which launched a fantastic and user-oriented program in this century. They are providing more than what you think or search for. Advertisements have totally vanished and only valuable content posted on their server. This is the reason why You TV Player Apk has the most downloaded and top rated video streaming application on the various app stores. The app has gained massive popularity in last few months and known for the quality videos platform.

Features Of You TV Player App

There are lots of premium benefits of installing You TV Player App on Android and PC. Lots of unique featured added in the latest version (v19.3.0) of this app that cannot be found in any other app. Some features are listed below-

YouTV Player is free of cost video streaming and video player application.

It supports almost all Android devices which are running Android 4.0 or above.

It has inbuilt video player feature that can play all AVI, 3GP, MP4, MPG, RMVB videos from your Internal SDCard storage.

The UI of YouTV Video Player is excellent and it also provides protection for your video file by locking through a password. Means a video can play by only your permission.

It has thousands of TV channels which entertain you 24×7 by movies, tv series, sports, and cartoon series.

You can customize this app as per your need from the push settings.

Once you connect this app to Facebook, you can find the interest of your friends.

There are a lot more features that can you experience after installing You TV Player App on your device.


You TV Player Download

There are massive downloads going on Android and Windows. Lot’s of people visiting this website to download You TV Player Apk and You TV Player for PC. I believe that you’re here just to download You TV Player App on your device. Can you please tell me, for what device You TV Player App you’re looking for? You TV Player can be downloaded and installed on Android, Windows, Mac OS and iOS but the installation process is different for all these platforms.

Please Download You TV Player App For Following Devices and scroll this paragraph to know the installation process for all the platforms.

You TV Player For Android  | You TV Player For Window


You TV Player For Mac OS  | You TV Player For iOS

You TV Player is available to download for Android, Windows, Mac and iOS platform. The download link for all these platforms is provided above. You need to download the You TV Player Apk for Android and You TV Player EXE setup file for Windows. The installation process of You TV Player for Mac and iOS is bit different but don’t worry, we have simplified the process with proper screenshots and video tutorial too.

You TV Player Apk

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the 21st century and almost 81.7% smartphones and tablets are running over Android. This is an open source package developed by Google Engineers and Software developers. Apk is the file extension supported by Android devices. So, in order to install You TV Player on Android, we need to download You TV Player Apk file.

The recent release of You TV Player App is available on the internet. The newest version is named as You TV Player Apk v19.3.0 and this version has fixed lots of bugs. You TV Player supports almost 99% of Android smartphones which are running over Android 4.1 or above. You can download YouTV Player Apk from below.

Download You TV Player Apk

How To Install You TV Player On Android

A normal android user visits Google Play Store and searches for the apps and games name which he/she want to install on the android phone. But, that is a traditional method and he/she is really missing something great. If you search for YouTube App on Google Play Store then you’ll find the direct install link but if you search for You TV Player App on Google Play Store then you can’t find. There are various reasons which lead to the removal of lots of excellent app on play store.

You TV Player is also from those apps which can’t be directly installed from the play store. In order to install this app, you need to do some modifications in device settings and then only you can install. You TV Player Apk file need to be downloaded.

Follow these steps to install You TV Player App On Android-

Step #1- Download You TV Player Apk

Download You TV Player Apk– First of all, download You TV Player Apk file on your Android phone. You can get the You TV Player Apk download link in above paragraph. The latest version i.e You TV Player version 19.3.0 has been released in December 2017 and this version is more stable. Lots of bugs like lagging, crashing and video sticking has been fixed in this version. So, download YouTV Player Apk file quickly.


Step #2- Enable Unknown Source

Enable Unknown Source– A brand new Android mobile phone came with unknown source disabled. This option kept disabled due to malware and security risk. You TV Player Apk is the trusted app which scanned through lots of antivirus software. You can enable the unknown source to install You TV Player App and later on, disable this. To enable Unknown Sources, you have to go through this path: Settings> Security> Unknown Sources> Enable> OK.


Step #3- Tap On YouTV Player.Apk

Tap On You TV Player.Apk– Open your download folder and click on YouTV Player.Apk file. If you enabled unknown source on your device then it will automatically show you an option to install. Just click on the install button and accept all the permission You TV Player asking for the installation.


Note- Some mobile phones ask the permission after the installation of Apk but some asks before. Just grant whenever your device ask.

Step #4- Launch You TV Player

Launch You TV Player– As you tap the install button in the earlier step, the installation process will begin. The process will take a few seconds and you’ve to wait till then. After the installation finished, an icon will appear in your apps menu. Just click on You TV Player icon to launch it.


Step #5- Click On Quick Access-

Click On Quick Access– As you launch the app, it will ask you two option to continue using YouTV Player. The first one, Access via Facebook Profile and the second one is Quick Access (without any profile). If you don’t want to access through Facebook, just click on Quick Access and continue.


Boom! Finally, you have successfully installed You TV Player On Android Phone. In the above screenshot, you can see lots of sports shows. Just explore the various category and enjoy watching movies, tv series, sports, videos etc. for free of cost.

You TV Player For PC

You TV Player Para PC– Lots of YouTV Player users from Mexico asking to download You TV Player For PC. So, this paragraph is entirely dedicated to PC users who want to stream movies, videos, sports, tv series on their desktop or laptop. We’ll guide you through step by step installation process to install You TV Player For Windows and Mac operating system. So, please select which operating system you’re using and read the tutorial carefully.

Download You TV Player For Windows  |  Download You TV Player For Mac OS

We don’t know which operating system you’re using but we have provided two separate tutorials for you. Just click on above link and download YouTV Player setup file. We’ve provided the step by step installation process of YouTV Player for PC in a later paragraph, so please don’t miss to read once.

How To Install You TV Player On Windows 10

Windows 10 is the latest and most recent computer operating system from the Microsoft. Most of the PC users upgrade their system to Windows 10 because Microsoft has stopped security updates for the earlier version of Windows. So, on the demand of all Windows 10 users, we’re here with step by step installation process of You TV Player for PC. Follow these simple steps with us-

Step #1- Download Nox Player-

There is no direct installer developed by the developers for Windows and Mac PC but we can still install it using some third-party software. Nox Player is an Android emulator which mostly used to play Android games on PC but with the help of this, we can install YouTV Player on PC too. Just download the latest version of Nox Player from file hippo.

Step #2- Download You TV Player Apk

Download You TV Player Apk file on your PC. Because this Apk file will be installed on your PC through Nox Player. You can click on the above link to download the latest version of YouTVPlayer Apk 2017.

Step #3- Launch Nox Player

Launch Nox Player on your Windows PC by double click on icon created on a desktop after the installation. Head over to the right sidebar of Nox Player and click on |APK| icon to install You TV Player para PC. Refer above image for better understanding.

Step #4- Choose You TV Player.Apk

Go to the download folder and select You TV Apk file to install it on your PC. You can view the above picture to know the exact method.

Step #5- Click on You TV Player

As you go back to home screen of Nox Player, you’ll see You TV Player installed. Just click on it to launch and enjoy watching movies, videos, sports and tv series for free of cost. This is how you can download You TV Player for PC, anytime you want to watch movies, just launch Nox Player and you’ll see You TV Player installed, launch it and enjoy.

Note- Make sure that, you’re not deleting or changing the path of downloaded You TV Player Apk else your PC will show you an error and you need to install YouTV Player again in the Nox Player.


There are many android apps available to watch movies and tv shows but You TV Player is the only app which lets you stream videos online as well as offline. It supports almost all popular video format and automatically scans your storage to find new videos. Apart from everything, You TV Player provide security to your video too, you can lock any video file with the password which you don’t want to be accessed by anyone else. This feature will also available when you install You TV Player On PC. Just install it today and see many more excellent features of this app. We believe that you’ll definitely like this post and we expect you to share it on social media. In the latter article, I’ll guide you, you can install You TV Player on iOS and Mac OS. Stay tuned to us.


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